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My Shits Betta Then Your Shit
My Shit Kicks Your Shit Outta The Class
Like Class Z-Minus
Shit Tastes Like Glass
Kickin Your Ass
Right Back Into The Past
When I Kill Bitches I Use A Black Mask
Black Gloves So Shit Match
Roll The Grass
Roll The Weed
Take Ecstasy
Gettin Cought On The Mutha Fuckin Crime Scene
Shoot At The Bitch The Bitch Start To Scream
I Get Creamed
Startin To Dream
Startin To Lean
From Side To Side
You Cant Run And You Cant Hide
Pools Of Blood
Dead Husbands And Wifes
And Jagged Edged Knifes
Pimps On The Scene
Prostitutes Their Clean
Im As Hard As Prince Nassiem
James Bond Stylie Laser Beam
Shoot You In The Face
Make Your Mad Bitch Scream
The A-Team
Dont Get Me To Do That
I Beat Up Mr T with A Baseball Bat
In A Baseball Hat
And Accessories
Watchin Him Beg On His Muthafuckin Knees
Please Please What Fuck Have I Done
Kick him In he Balls And Tell Him To Run

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