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And That's Real

Oman Freestyle

this is just a little somethin i'm gonna have to write ya
for my homies back on the block all my real eastsidas
contimplatin on the battlefield the zones are all across the city
who's gonna be blastin against and who's gon be bustin wit me
trying to stay content but my consience has got me facin cases
and now theirs even more killers but i wont forget their faces
puttin hits on motha fuckas shakin, brakin em down
on the rebound we don't bounce out we just clown
no fear for my peers cause we shootin its clear
takin no damn prisoners in this war we have here
straight slanger from the gutters tryin to pay the cost to be da boss
everyday i got to eat so in return im prayin to a cross
bangin, shootin and recruitin and i never be changin
so im bustin on opposition when they steppin in my ranges

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