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Yo yo you see im an mc so here i go
What u gonaa do when i passing by your crub
Tagging it up and smack it up
Opps did i do it agien or was it slim shady once a agien
Dre was here i swear dog
I cant make up for itt hows about your hoe
One two three was that my time
Hold up see jeff here cant rap
He can hit a ball or two
With a tool and make it go pop
Why u always have your hands in your mouth u like sucking dick
Did i say that what the fuck u gonna cancel me out
See i saw u taking a pill dog u just got to chill
Sit down and dont u drool u might get a sudden urge
Just jump and skip
Pass out some jellybeans
My time is uyp so peace and dont forget the crew name

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