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All about me

Oman Freestyle

Just like m my palms is sweaty,
Even though my lyrics arent as heavy,
Or as deadly but im still ready,
To drop verses in some timbs and never converses,
Niggas know when i flow i am gonna put a hurrit,
On all yall niggas so open the curtains,
And stop hidin from me,
There ant nothin to be affraid of but me,
Im the only one who holds up the family tree,
I remember back when i was three,
My father asked what i wanted to be,
I said a raper thats what i wanna be,
I know i am white and not black,
But thats not a reason fo a true raper not to rap,
And if u think differant believe me u will get slapped,
Ill hit u so hard ull look at me from the flat of your back,
The pain will keep u up for days like u was on crack,

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