gangstas live and gangstas die
fuck all ya'll pussy ass bitches that always cry
i hate ya'll faggots that talk all this shit
when really what you say is that you like dick
fuck a duck and suck my dick
all eyes on me as i fuck your bitch
gather round come one come all
it's an orgy free 4 all
till i fall
to the ground
this gangsta keeps his head up
cuz im tha best pound 4 pound
and i dont mess around
unless its yo bitch
you dont like it go on maury povich...cocksucka
you a fucka that has no business being here
so when i crash the party i better not see you there
cuz like i said
gangstas live and gangstas die
all ive known is flowin my whole life
and you little faggot tried to take it away
bitch you lucky you see the light of day
gangstas keep it real when they flow
im like an assasin
a killer professionol
but im a writer
a lyrical sniper
so keep gangsta and be a rida

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