Through the most nostalgic remains
The blood from all jealousy and pain
Was spilled upon the blessed part
Of the endless existence

After the forbidden fruits
A fate was forged in despair
Making the emptiness of all sins reign upon
All pleasures of his curse

The misfortune raised like a veil
Distressing all fears
From solitude cold remembrances
And her voice made him stronger
To became the only truth and death

And hate
Is the only thing
That will be whispered through thy winds
Far from the reign of grace and light
Between conceptions traced in darkness

Surviving of your hateful storms
Turning the grievous into grim
The exile of the rule of lives
To the glory of the supreme black victory

And weakly thoughts
Were conceived in the souls of the slaves
Opposers of evil domination
will be the conquest of the profane embrace

Following the malign path of knowledge
With a fanaticism incarnated in black
Extinguishing the expostulatory race of the ones
That were born to improve
The ineffectual blinded slag

With my own honor
I'll live with pride
I'll reign with violence upon thy flesh
I'll finish the corridors of light
To the supreme black victory

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