Promised Key to the Unholy Gates of Evil

Perpetual Dusk

Lost into the dark embrace of our impure desire
Licking all flesh dominated by the evil temptation
When the enthroned one kisses our soul
With his rotten lips
We find the moonlight
To finish thy pain forever

Seduced by the unholy forms
That fly in the mist
Feeling the warmth of the dusked kisses
Swimming in the nighfall rain
Concentrating all suffering in a creature
Which is supposed to be slave
Of our sadness paradise

Walking on a land of dreams
Looking beneath a sky blackened in despise
The one who carries the promised key
To the unholy gates of evil
Allowed us to live one more time
Drinking our tears and fading his soul

Falling in the winds of his eternal winter
He searches the end of the carnal abyss
Covering the key
Through the darkness of his eyes

It shines in the dark
It rises from his soul
Take us to the unholy gates of the infernal
Allegiance of the eternity

The total delight consumed in his blood
And in his living feelings
Turning all life to death
And creeping all forces to evil
The one who can open the gate
To leave the blinded souls to the eternal scourge

Masked by the shadows of the nebular storm
The one who can open the gate awaits

Possessed by agony and malice
The one carries the key forever
To the day which shall never shine
To live in the eternal horizon of the frozen fog

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