The Truth of our Essence

Perpetual Dusk

At the gates of veiled stars
Into the shadows of the grey horizon fading away
We are the carriers of the black wisdom
Averse of a beauty based on lies

Upon a throne of blasphemy
We are lords of all knowledge
With open eyes we were able to see
The only truth of our essence
forged in the purity of evil

Let the truth of your sins
Gather the infernal rites of immortality
With the remembrances those are eternal
Through the dreams of silence

From now on we will be filled
With the dark flames of hateful seeds
And in silence we shall rest
Into the Incarnated Darkness
That lead us not to fear

We are sons of an eternal night
We are warriors of the one that kept us living
Prosecutors of all chaos
Weapons of our beloved obscurity

By our obscure paths
By our own conceptions

Our fight will be eternal
The rise of our sword is the will of our only faith
Immortal are the sins of our pleasures
Through them we will reign forever
Wrathful will be the glance of our sons
And hateful were the last hours from your suffering
That belong only to us

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