Buried in The Malice Garden

Perpetual Dusk

In the garden where the shadows wander through the mist
From the corpse of his daughter grows the malevolence
Dead trees shield her unholy home
And contemplate the incarneted wickedness

The blood humidifies the grizzly earth that shelters her body
The worms devour her flesh with celestial pleasure

Bless my soul
And take me to the other side

Wrapped up for the evil she lives her death eternally
Malign winds blows the hate worshipping our goddess
And now her fury will control all the earth

The flowers withered in respect to her name
Only an unique and thorny black rose
Reigns imponet on her grave
Her simple and pale face shines in the dark of the moon
Melicia majestically reigns in the world of the shadows

The stars cry putrid tears that sculpt in stone
The creatures that spread the fear to the christian world
Sanguinary virgins march over bodies in flames
Of angels that were opposed to the dominance of the evil

Wake up from your tomb and make us believe
That we will reach the dark lands and than
The words of the acient will become true
And our world in flames will be soon!

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