n the Dark We Shall Live Forever

Perpetual Dusk

All the beauty of the skies fell onto the ground
When the curtains of the night completed the infinite darkness
Following the prophecy the sun won't show up no more
from now on our world will be forever dark!

The storm announces the arrival of the age of the black empire
Our thrones is now on the hands of our queen
And from now on she will leads our destiny

The forest grows and within grows the shade
The legions come from the deep of the caves
The faded holy souls became slaves
From the flames of the evil, arises the blaze!

And now there is nothing more in heaven
Only the dark and the flames!
Theres is no salvation for the christian souls
Only the dark and the flames!

Our father chose melicia to rule this world
Our queen with her power will guide us all
The final day is coming soon
She will open the gates of the blackened paradise

We believe in the power of darkness
We believe in the triumph of our reign
We fight for the glory of the black empire

Once an old man dreamed about
A land inside a mirror
He could see the other side
It was shadowy and dark

Our world won't have sunrise
Only the dark and the flames!
Our world won't have heaven
Only the dark and the flames!

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