Dethroned holy empire
From a foolish human thought
Forgetful in the augean damnation
From the one who is unhallowed on my lips

Corruptly marching with the insidious aurora
Through the veins of his creation
Obstreperously disseminating the dispraise
Upon the stigmatic human race

Blinded by clouds of impaled corpses
Denying his love and unaware of his words
Reigning at the black age of despair
Invoking the lunar nameless from the slimy lands

Beneath the last touch or her warmth
He bleeds with the madning whisper
Benighted at the fountains of life
Unhallowed on my lips

Fantasies and memories
Performed in a new vision of the shadow side
Beyond thy seduction
The fear and agony are not life

Drowned in the eternal lake of mirthless
Watching the sun falls one more time
With the judgment and mercy
From the one who gave his misstatement

Through my eyes I see the guts of terror
In my veins I fell the spikes of sins
Discharging the light that burns my flesh
And rends my skin

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