another thing
i will not apologize
next to nothing
i know nothing exacts a price
meanwhile some heartache
some cheapskate can wear you out
teach the gospel to your kid
put yourself in doubt

and there is one thing that remains
it ain't easy to retain
a pantomime

it's true i only think of you
when i'm alone
and then the little things i do
they turn out all wrong
shudder to think
who the real cruel kid could be
you wise up after the attack
like it's part of some deal

but it is never quite enough
when some critic sizes you up
a pantomime

how i wish i could change the things
that i've done
but i'm staring down the wrong end
of the gun
if i give back all the things
that i got for free
just to live and to learn
would you thank me

see there's a rumour going 'round
you do your living hand to mouth
a pantomime

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