Well here i am a bankers' son
Still defiant, i'm still young
I was away close to a year
The fun i had has cost me dear
I've seen my father walk in shame
To the year old crime that bears his name
I am here to right a wrong
A simple task and i'll be gone

There she goes the chairmans' niece
She was the cake, i cut me a piece
Her vicious uncle swore to god
My body to be left to rot
Search parties failed and i held out
So he turned 'round and he did oust
My father from his livelihood
Revenge is sweet, revenge is good

My attention veered left of stage
Where a man appears about my age
With cunning tricks and devious moves
The chairman knows a promising youth
He likes the pay and loves the perks
Makes a travesty out of my fathers' work
He's proposed to wed the chairmans' niece
Adds insult to injury

Lights upon my deadly foe
He bought the house where i was born
My father had to move downtown
And join the unemployment line
But a former bankers' future is grim
A lot of sympathy he never wins
Mother and i sat up late one night
A knock on the door
Proved our worst fears right

The funeral was a strange affair
The chairman and his niece were there
They consoled my mother on her loss
All agreed i was the cross
No man should be asked to bear alone
If she needed help she could away phone
Some goons told me to be gone sometime
Now i'm back now i want what's mine

So here i am a dead man's son
Unrepentant and headstrong
I was lost, adrift at sea
Cut timber from the family tree
Father will we meet again
Do you think if so i'll understand
What's a son supposed to do
I guess i'm not a lot like you

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