i don't need no new signpost
to lean up against
i don't care much to read it
afraid to make sense
i was carefully instructed
i know what to do
unless i was handsome
you should know too

i don't like to explain things
expect you to know
there's incomes and outcomes
somewhere it shows
though i don't feign indifference
you're likely to get it
unless i was handsome
you should have known that

out there for good luck
and ready to taste it
lost in the middle
i'm young enough to waste it
we've all been dealt
such a cruel hand
unless i was handsome
i don't give a damn

my glass is always
filled up to the brim
please no conversation
i'm here to get my fill
with a black coffee ordered
in case she drops by
unless i was handsome
she's not gonna try

i walk the antenna
i take heed from above
i'm just a bystander
on the side street of love
and i know i look hard
but i do atone
unless i was handsome
leave me alone

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