I saw this new born angel stand
With too much free time on her hands
She might go down on me

She's not gonna drive me home
She's got problems of her own
And turns a lazy eye on me

Me, i'm in the backseat going south
I'm running late
And shooting off my mouth

She gets up and walks outside
I just got the feeling right
So i bow down in my best attire

When six o'clock no strings attached
If we can make our stories match
I'm half a fool i can be a liar

Me, i'm in the backseat
Getting drunk i'm a mess
But i've got a spare shirt in the trunk

Turn down those worn out stars
Some long lost friend of ours
Was found on bended knees

Show me where salvation lies
And keep the bloodshed from my eyes
Keep me standing on my feet

Me, i'm in the backseat fast asleep
I'm letting go
I got so little of worth to keep

(c) tekst & muziek : michel van montfort

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