i thought that i saw you
a moment ago
i would 've called out
but i was not sure
my instincts are failing
they're clean brushed aside
i'm done with smooth sailing
i'm done with free rides

this cat calls me over
says 'you look ill'
if i should need a doctor
he'll pick up the bill
'sir, why you proclaim
to treat me so kind?'
says 'i was once like you
i no longer mind'

'doctor, good doctor
help me explain
why my insides is burning
why i have no brain
in moments of crisis
when need is most high
i turn on my loved ones'
in shame i cried

'the things i could give you
i'm not proud to say
they may not be legal
but that's just the way
you take it or leave it
you pick up the slack
you may feel hung over
but you 've not been drunk'

i thought that i saw you
a few minutes have passed
i've regained my composure
i'm alone at last
would you look at me asking
what i already know
i was only a minute
where did you go

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