miss cameo
all at once
is indebted to no other
she's made it so
she is only
too right to dwell upon
the right and wrong
that she suffers
with a talented persuasion

miss cameo
deserves a rave review for mourning
she's bound to go
everybody gets the warning
everybody 's trying to figure this one out

miss cameo
she alone
shares a drunken understanding
when the need has grown
she gets her coat
and says 'i'm sorry for you all'

miss cameo
keeps thoughts of children at a distance
they number four
there's talk of starting a religion
with all their schooling
will they ever learn to cope

miss cameo
likes to draw
the attention to our failure

miss cameo
eyes a stranger from the window
he's not at all
what they say a woman waits for
but she's tired
and she never was before

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