For a couple of days
I've known you
And will it be the same
When these days are through
If the pencil breaks
If the fabric frays
Loving you
Is an acquired taste

If for a couple of days
I was in your shoes
Then i would know your plans
Could imitate a few
No police law
Would not begrudge me that
If loving you
Was the plan i had
If for a couple
Of days
I was king
And you would be the price
If the war i win
But war is long
And kings they fall
Loving you
Would excuse them all

If for a couple of days
I could fly a plane
I'd circle 'round your house
Until the engine wanes
And if i crash and burn
You'd have to take me in
Loving you
Will be my medicine

Love can bring a good man down
I don't mind, i don't mind
For a couple of days

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