Immersed in dark, closed quarters, restrained
where eyes can't see. Succumb all dreams and
yearnings, forged from within deep sleep.
Their tranquil hymns brought comfort,
Engrossed affinity. Your mind's bereft and
dormant, responds to others needs. Blindside,
Collide. Elusive, digress; Laid out to rest.
Reflections, through the looking glass, does
nothing to reveal the heartaches that were
felt, and soon won't disappear. the edifice
feft standing, A hollowed sacrament. Assembled
to dispose, a life filled with regret.
Blindside, Collide.
Drift off into another world, assume it can't
exist. Intuition defies all logic, emulsified
what made sense. Possession, inoxic;
vulnerability, yet blindly moving forward, head on
impetuously, Blindside, Paralyzed.
Desperate, reach for your idols hand, a prayer
to paradise, Concoct hallucination, affirms new
meaning of life. Mirrors had shattered, and
opened up new sores, addictions left immobile,
and locks up the doors.
Your life once theirs; no more.

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