A feeding frenzy of intemperance and vice.
A glutinous rampage and inexceedable heights.
The crutch that's called pleasure was never
so fit. Predestined conclusions that soon
follow it.
Impervious - Reality fortified
Delirious - impulses override
Ignoring al symptoms as idle filled threats.
Which bare no true meaning or severe
Visions have blurred, hate bred with love.
Unable to see a trail left in blood.
Exorcise self conscious with lies.
Burning bridges sever all ties.
Self-affliction and disdain. Repercussions
never made. Exalt self-destruction, addiction
is blind. Transcending the boundries in minimal
time. Crucified by custom, no efforts were made.
A shining example how memories fade.
Awaken death too late to be born again.

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