Injecting their cancer of short
Blissful dreams
Reality has quelled you of all self esteem
Indulgence. Rclusion is all that you year.
Failures left bleeding
Deep scars and burns
Poisoned with hate
Docile mind state
Benumbed from pain.
Cycle completed.
Once again
Ingest mind rot of toxins of ecstatic heights
Alleviated distractions
Avoiding all plights
Hinderance is lusts.
Voracious - consumed.
Apathy's addiction
Validity misconstrued
Solace is instant
Paltry fulfillment
Deny all heeds. Wither in vain
Cycled completed
once again
To reflect upon episodes of grievance and pain
is channeled suppression and utter disdain
Dull aberrations have rampaged your mind
Replayed farcical whims
Yet tragically confined
Live and despise
Created comfort breeds lies
Wasted, fade away
Useless living, day to day

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