Consume Without Cause


Raised on hopes and dreams that never
cease to be. No more than mere elusive
reveries. Days have turned to years, and
still nothing achieved. As eyesight
becomes blurred, yet somehow self deceive.
That sometime soon all prayers have been
confirmed. Yet always that road will take
another turn. Quick fix solvents;
artificially devour. Prolonged consumption
as taste buds turn sour. Seeds of promise
won't bloom; they died beneath the soil.
Banality has embraced you. constrained to
excess toil. For nothing but glimmers of
rose coloured clarity. Sit idle, eroding;
pursue mediocrity.

Consumewithout true cause
Subdueddysfunctionally flawed
Exhumeburied in grief
Resummisguided beliefs

The ground once fertile with thirst
Is now reduced to dust. Secured within
grasp, morality is all but crushed. Bloated
from sickness, the earth has swallowed whole

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