Live life indoctrinated by comfort and ease
Numbered spirit subservient with scar damaged knees
Unchallenged vocation
Insatible dreams
Tunnel grounds dimmer
The end has no means
Useless - thoughts are congested with frivolous haze
Worthless - existence ran stagnant and well past its day
Pointless - labourious tasks feat unfulfilled
Hopeless - perpetual motion. Yet left standing still
Shelf times elapsed and long since expired.
Your presence not needed no longer required
Fruitless disposal liability and waste.
Unpalatable consumption, you will be replaced
Potential has ceased, production has slowed
Punish the weak, the pistol reloads
Stagnant unstable, the arteries have clogged
Hourglass has turned, deemed inept or flawed.
Conquered by time. Worn. Obsolete
Failed in failure, end in defeat.

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