Shallow existence laid out since birth
Acumulative waste reflects your true worth
Self righteous destruction and moral conviction
Of pious owned merit and benevolent extinction

To a world you hate kill all that's living
By taking, not giving devourer all by fate.

A creed based on dominance and selfish demise
Emaciated fortunes and prophetic lies

Abandon your dreams tainted short visions
Rears biased owned wisdoms and false prudent

Allegiance is pledged. Ruthless motives
ensconced in your head
Never know when-to-say-"When!"

Inseminated world of synthetic icons
New breed of deities, for the old have all gone
Faith is restored through indulgence and greed
Hope springs eternal for those who believe -
And praise, consume: purchase in passing
For the everlasting or seek imminent doom
White-washed and branded, vulnerability is bare
Conversion is easy when nobody cares
Renounce your god; no fortunes will prosper
And nothing to offer your dogma is fraud!

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