Jesus Christ. Saved your soul.
Sanctimonious blackmail. He has control
Fear of living. Fear of Death.
The weight guilt and conscience upon your chest
Tradition reigns. Self oppressed.
Faith collapsed. Left depressed.
Ideals to uphold.
True beings bought and sold
Vicarious through his ways.
As you're down on your knees and pray!!!!
More waking hours spent.
With lost ambitions and pure resent of hate and self deceit
Another day left incomplete. Myopic dreams of waste.
A life of failure and disgrace
Unconsciously mundane. A
s goals and hopes have slipped away likes a razor across the wrist
with severed veins and closed fist.
The pain will soon subside
Found success within has died
Martyr's blood. Atheist shame
Derelicts rule. Choice attained
Tomorrow's prayer - no one listens because no one fucking cares!!!

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