Barro en las manos, ropas y cejas, bajo el sol
Colores tradicionales sostenidas al viento
Deberá prevalecer la esperanza donde el odio clamoroso es abundante,
If you stay let it be as prisoners of our love

There's so much to learn from cauterized skinned threads and bones
The nika attempt to dismantle never setting-sun land

Acrolectal essence turned in homespun innocence
The sun yelled, it defrosted the bodies of the sane and just, their vital truth
A rue we're all so familiar to
Stepping stone for the counter-march, approaching of 10 myriads
Ferocious discipline with an appetite to match

How much difference would there be if all kings said:
Not a single drop of blood needs to be shed
Let lions lie amongst their kin

Steel appendages would not fly but be spared
The true meaning of our lives prepared
Confluence of interests overwhelmed

There's still so much we've got to learn from hypnotized civilian lost lives
That still insist in burying the hatchet instead of postponing
A calm coexistence, yet we're kept from learning that
If it's eye for an eye how we deal with our lives
There can never be bloodshed enough to suffice our quench for self demise
Nor any medical assistance for the blind
Enough to dodge the pillars that come crumbling down
Perforating askew questions of ancient times
My private collection of headstone lies
Hollow glare face planted into the skies

We have been scrubbing the floor for way too long
Trying to eliminate the dirt poor
A clean kill to get our faultless hands
On all the things that we'll never have

What my life has meant so far
Is shining in every rock we trod on our way to dandi
From the 12th to the 6th and well beyond
Splattered blood could not discourage our trait
As we stood still as one offering a peaceful pace to the unloving force we face
Kneeling down asking nothing but bread and receiving stone instead

And if such be the case
Of the standard race
Cooperation we refuse to celebrate
Then we'll know not the bang itself but every sound in every way
And the whimper with which it all ends
Then i guess we're going away this time

Deberá prevalecer la esperanza donde el odio clamoroso es abundante,
Deberán dulce amor prosperar o altos sueños tener lugar
En medio al tumulto de lucha reverberante
Por entre credos antiguos, en medio a la raza y a la raza antigua,
Que destroza la tumba, felices propósitos de la vida,
Sin dejar refugio a no ser tu cara de auxílio?

A broken foundation;
Where the sun never sets
Revealed the hope of a future sunrise-
A sea of oppression, pain, and regret,
Stopped at the shores of benevolence:
Where a bond turned a million foes friends.

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