Rather than reason, guillotine fiction
How do you dare to color outside the line
A half empty cup to wash away my philistine doctrine
I've been moving forward by taking the wind out of my sail
A second round of wood wound up and the water's never been wetter

Shelters are all i know
Answers and truths
Speak me in tongues

Dyslexic dreams of fate anticipate my primordial landscape
Of steep thought and aspirin solutions
And shudder you would

Tell me baby, feels so good
Now's the time for our true awakening
Its in how the world dims in our shade as we grow
This could last a lifetime
If you don't know how to feel, let me show you how

Shelters are all i know-
Answers and truths
Speak to me in tongues

Dark water,
Depth without image
It is without eyes
That we see

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