Language Itself Is Profane


Expectation's building in, our connection wearing thin
It's about time I stopped wasting all my energy with you
Cheers to the moments that we shared, they're all hidden under my bed
Allow this memory to fade and heal these fucking scars I have.

I just can't count how many times I fooled myself into believing
That you cared about me at least as half as I cared about you
Seems you don't really give a flying fuck and why should you
This is the last time that you'll ever get to hear my voice.

And you'll be sorry when I accidentally drink myself to death
Maybe you'll wish that we'd had shared
A few last frames together for whatever our friendship was ever worth
I'm tired of giving all I've got.

For what is worth I wrote this song just like running away from home
Swear I meant about every word just like that Sunday afternoon
Visit everyone that means a little more that shit to you
I'll be too busy to care by destroying my brain cells.

Can't believe how I fall for the same line every single time
It goes: " I blah blah blah blah oh my god whatever sorry"
Go back to whatever state you think you belong to
But never dare to phone me heartless bullshit again.

You never said a word that sounded wrong to me
I've always thought that you could stay for so long
But now I've seen just what it takes to admit that rambling on
Once meant just everything to me

I couldn't wait to tell you how
How miserable things did turn out.
But I won't, consider this song done, I won't write another word

But I gotta say, just the other day we were taken by compulsion
Everything I feared most is basically turning opposed to my
Lack of motivation, my own cycle of confusion
The fear of not having around those that you cherish most
People open up, talk shit and then they leave
There will be no one to clean up after their own shit
People open up, talk shit and then they leave

Sometimes I tend to exaggerate a bit
The weight of my own words will slowly fade
Would have told you all about it but I have ran out of words to say
If you and I could finally agree, we're nowhere near the lights
But I did try

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