Safe wording through the hollow textbook
You know liturgical eyes won't license lechery
This is the science of domination

Beautiful perhaps it might not have been, though ingenious instead one dared say it was
Frigid is the needle that singes their bodies with methadone flavors and new shades of red

"track down the living, throw them inside
Buildings and offer
A contentment so cold it freezes the motion of life in a sentence"

Pheromone breezes of sin keep me awake

And this is how it goes
In numbing entertainment's lips, we read the promise of a future.
Comfortably stiff is how we sit.

Inhaling the silence sold for the price of taking in what was ripped out,
As if blood-pulsing movements could be blinded and beheaded.

In the age of efficiency, miners might just get buried alive;
When the price of their lives weigh less than their wages

"where are the living? we can't allow
Pallid fragile faces
Asphyxiating to manifest true passionate living"

Arise, for it's the only thing that's left;
Gifted confusion must dominate our corpses
In an ever fulfilling dance of reality.

And lies to our faces give true significance to dawn
A choreographed treason mocks an apology to reason
Immaculate minds spark yet another plot
With missteps leading to unnamed epitaphs

As dissonant streams of a broadcasted lie fill my eyelids and spread through the warmest wavelength, captivity's begging to show.

To live inside a cage your whole life
What was taken of reality must now be recovered
And the expropriators appropriated in turn

Language without reply
The world is already filmed, now it is a matter of transforming it
If sleeping is blissful
Then i'll stay awake

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