Daylight has finally come to shine
It dries away the tears from her eyes
And draws to an end what felt like one million nights

And it was all since that man, that perfect man
He made his way through all of our lives
An offer of trust, we accepted our brilliant demise

But let me tell you something because i was there too
A hand to a shoulder and friendliness soon were dissolved
Into reoccurring scenes of unspeakable violence
Why must child and adult fill the roles of submission by threat

That's when i upped and told mom about perfection
But a sweet routine and desperation were too fond of each other
They gave birth to illusion
So with no one to turn back to
She finally held hear piece to herself
An inconvenience to others, the cost of a ruined life

Feel the weather turning gray like lead floating in sky
Like a pair of scissors under cloth could remain justified
The cure to much of my distress rests in the tip of a blade

Yet there's another change of light that would certainly otherwise provide me
With the fairest of excuses, but i've got something more
They are lungs and a heart and with them i'll say...

…exactly what's been happening since age of four
A move towards oblivion is a move towards death

Let me rephrase, my intentions are staked
Will you back evermore out of everyone's lives
Because for what you did i can't bear empathy
All the sorrow and pain you've inflicted can not be repaired
Now imagine if i had the power to rule over your actions, i'd still choose not to do so
Taking the freedom of somebody else is not to be repeated by anyone ever again

Of all the morals that still drag me to your soul
Which made you feel so insecure like a deserver of some beautiful repair
Could you tell me what's so wrong?
Never in words, but i feel i'm coming close
To the proposal of a symptomatic curse

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