The invariable error, blind faith a plague embraced by the vocal masses
Questions never brought into fruition
An icy fear freezing both their lips and their reasoning
In this delusional travesty,
All turn a blind eye to the obvious injustices of the so-called divine truths
Individuality a fading memory, manipulated and morphed into an unacceptable practice
What should be reviled as hysteria, now hailed as a doctrine to the faithful
Mindless abominations controlled by a mere snapping of fingers
Obeying to the fullest extent
Now fueled by the knowledge of immediate scorn if any deviation should occur
This constant upkeep takes one's eyes off the one true subject they should be defending with their lives
I refuse to let my time line be dictated
Blood covering the walls of this sanctified house
Its taint has taken hold of millions, let me be the heretical one
This is my final stance, i refuse to be poisoned further!

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