Incarnations, the very essence of my mental anguish
Superseding an unconscious rationale
Focusing on the developmental antithesis
Thus ordained, i am the one now set a breed apart

No more scratching the surface
Now i claw my way through the ranks, paying no mind to those that impede
Flushing out those that are deemed unworthy in my eyes, i survey all

My drive
An endless sea of potential lives lain to waste
Vilified by those who aspire to take my throne away
I'm destined to end your dreams

Possessing the very weapons needed to do my deeds
Envision the primary course to domination
No turning back, just succumb to my acquisition
Your livelihood will be gone

Violent describes my methods, best known for their success
On the field of battle, i reign supreme
No use for your code of ethics, i care not for your cries
Only through your annihilation will i ever be satisfied!

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