Fearing the end is drawing nearer
Heads are bowed, all in silent reverence
The monolith begins to fracture
Its falling signifies what was once imperial, empirical
Indoctrination is severed
Halting the blight once teeming from the king's chalice,
The virus spewed forth from his mouth

What was once an unspoken hierarchy
The decaying authoritative lines, unable to combat this threat

Breaking the bonds that past held firm
The magistrates initiate the final evacuation
They scatter like insects!
Not quick enough to outrun the hammer brought down on their heads

Ongoing trend, it has to end
Eviscerate the ones guilty,
Watch as they squirm and beg for forgiveness
Final pleas go unanswered

Showing no mercy
The incomprehensible suffering
No charlatan spared
Absolution unattainable

Viewed as an avatar no longer
What's left only is to burn

Causes are clear, the weak-willed were easily drawn
And not unlike humanity, it was a failure before it began

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