Beneath the line of sight, slowly they file in
Unbeknown to the peons, the serpents return
The air reeks of deception, corrupt in their judgments of all involved
The agenda of the irreverent, a caustic reminder of betrayal
Through this entity self afflicted
Terminally weakened from the inside out
Relinquish control
Let those that know not maintain status quot
Lacking satisfaction
The great old ones displeased
Cutting off all loose ends
No chance for rebellion
Beings that are eternal
Restless in their quest
Driven mad by their greed
Feverishly assimilate, fulfill their lust for change
Profiting those not deserving
No blood or tears will grace their hallowed ground
No respite will be doled
Mere words fall on deaf ears, one chance left
Muster all your strength, final strike
Action - reaction, all has failed

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