Suppress my motives for a moment,
Just a bit don my guise while my
Plans are set into motion all
Those present, ignorant or perhaps
Just indifferent?empty shells
With no souls left inside, begging
For termination
Unrepenting, worthless entities forgo their
Visions to become fucking machines
Keeping untamed tangents
At bay, suppress their minds,
Spare none that stand in their way
Submit! the only thing i
Can focus on is revenge, takes
Precedent over all else
Marionettes all reside
I cut the ties that
Bind faces blend, all signs point
To go as my conscience slowly departs
Time has come for my vengeance, unleashed
Those i despise, their flesh melting from
A network of charred
Remnants their purpose still
Remains, at least to me, an
Enigma i find it best to believe
Their existence a malignancy i
Have removed eyes regain focus,
Now back to reality lacking prior
Manifest sight
Not abandoning, merely brooding, taking time
Nothing ventured, nothing gained

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