The atrophied mentality that this communal holds
The endless endeavor to achieve perfection a futile notion
Forsake truths regarded mortal law
Human weakness, evoking self satisfaction
Carnal delights, light of reason finally dawns
Synapses flare, screaming louder - more and more
Putting forth a verdict judge, jury, executioner
Retaliation, step back as it unfolds
Seeing far too late my actions counteracted
This realization cuts deeper than a knife
Failing at failure
The constant downward spiral, the edge i need
Is far beyond my grasp, the end just seems moments away
I, my resolution
Eliminate the conspicuous
Forsake all involvement of my vision
Human weakness engulfing, leads to downfall
Carnal delights, i taste the pride still on my tongue
Synapses flare, no longer doubting all is lost
Fearing existentialism is to blame
The choices made, the actions undertaken: all for naught
Understanding now where my life is tethered
Doomed eternally to the servicing of failure

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