Disjointed, loyal to none
Besieged inside this present dystopia
Our legacy has since been brandished
This mental enslavement is the knife plunged deep into our throats

The end result of an empire bastardized before our eyes
Unconsciously sequestering
Feverish hands that know no bounds choking the life from their own kind

Breathing deep through the mind, a necessary atavism
This algorithm gives a fresh perspective,
For a conclusion must be wrought with utmost haste

Consequences that must be wrought, none must survive from our onslaught
Sensing their grip is weakening, their coldest fears have been confirmed
And they reside inside us all

Drinking in the indigo sky
Mixed with what flows through my veins, this aqua regia

Our blood is the catalyst for the change that was prophecized
Shatter the chains that restrict our minds from the truth

As my heart produces this nectar, my hands begin to dismantle the dais you hold no more
Dissolved through aqua regia

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