Foto do artista Cenotaph

Bloodbath Is Her Own Deathbed


Extremely severe pneumatic genosuction
for the dismembering
the scrotal disgorged tissues
angioneurotic pressure on trembling
gorgeous intravaginal malignancy
carpus cavernosum of tormentors
delirium disbodied zombie creature
disfigured, disbodied, maggoty
disfigured ovary womb excruciated
and bludgeoned capulatory organs
vasectomy the addiction
to sell the emasculated
pulsating gonads dissected
maggoty puncturated urethra totally forged, lacerated
septic maggoty corpse deep abdomen moving
inside acidic effect of urinal decomposition
featuring a pornographic recitation
to all anatomic autopsy organisation
souring the bitter taste of intestinal infections
gradually flowing below cunt.

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