In silence born a cadaverous form
They appear in the underground
With lust of hate and revenge
Undeads the corpses rise

Colony of the undead

Victims of malicious pollutions
They suffer with brutal excretions
Emerging from a putrid tomb
Searching and smelling the gore

Colony of the undead

Stench of corpse fill the air
At twilight hour slaughter will come

Cannibal zombie, impulse to disgorge
Over a guts with reek of rot

I appear with hunger in my eyes
Start to slash an innocent body
Intestines and blood cover my face
With no repent I start to eat

Desecrate your head, a putrid emanation
Starts to rise from your brains
Bones are grinded with vulgar pleasure
It's the depravation of the undead

Necro butchery
Immortal, deadly pain
Hunting and killing all
The guilty of this disease

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