My souls burst in a trance of melancholy
and a soul side journs in a fire sky
dominating the howl dark billowing of the mind

Freezing the time between my illusions
they cross the frigid than mist through my heart
to join at my uncontrolling feelings

Among this violent dimension
starnge voices scream with reclaim tone
in this burned garden of illusions
the promise of a universe without horizons

Again I don't know why beauty fears at herself
why doesn't she express herself on my bitter dream
and why am I drowned in this intense laments
without enjoy of any beauty.

In this gloomy dream my hidden sorrows
will stay behind my eyes for the existence
and for yhe eternity they will remain mine

For this svage promises
that spit me happiness and sadness
at my disturbed dream

Like inside iof me lies buried the soul of god
and the silence tell me with voices
that just my soul can listen
the cause of it's tears and hidden sorrows.

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