With sorrow in devotion the fear goes with life to underground
while the arms of gray trees dance in the air and O am under the emtombed light.
Now I hear my name fron the voice that creates the sadness tis place in everywhere our of the world procreate the identity that I search.

The lies dance in the kingdom where sun show it's face in the window of life my eyes love black freedom

I don't care the light
I don't care the ones
which feeeds with it.
I´m alone and I know ir, but shine en lights stronger than light.

I don't care just I will close that window and I'll open the doors of my mind and soul I'll open the arms to embrace my freedom.

There's within
There's within
the blaze of my soul that burns this tears
to don't feel
to don't fear
at the sorrow that see everything.

With eyes of extreme hate to die of extreme ways.

You can see my tears
You will know that I'm crying.

Buy you won't know the doors that I ways opening with blood in my hands.

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