The mercy falls behind the voice of tyranny
and with it's burned eyes cries but fire
then, here my vision join at the wind eyes
and my voice sings the natural music of tragedy

The star of tenebrae will terrify the blaze of reality
spelling the equilibrium
filling my universe with thousands of frozen moons
absorbing all negative energy
in this concentration of equilibration

In the domination of kingdom's wrath
shadows walk without owner, just in black
and never with chains from the flesh
just guided by the hand of spiritual liberalism

Horizon's aren't in front of my eyes
horizons exists behind my eyes and are mine
the shadows fly loosing in the eternal obscurity
of this black universe existent and real

Someday I'll be real
because someday I'll die of this dream
built of light
and I'll exist in the eternal darkness

And the black universe
That tries to awake from it's dream
with my contribution
I grow the birth of universal darkness

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