impaled victims devoured by living death creatures
dead stench, carved humans tortured
hacking souls of butchery
skins are slashed embalming
blood drained from faded remnants
addicted to human fuckin flesh
hordid dead stench fill the air..brutally desecrated
guts removed from body, organs still alive
torned body parts of massacred victims hanging with the meat hooks
formed in the depts of underground, hunting in the eyes of dead
axe and knife..slice the fuckin throat
splattered head boiling inside of me
dead creatures from the graves
hunger for fresh human mea..thousands of decapitated
gruesome mass of disembowelment without mercy
somewhere inside dead catacombs gathering darkness
apocalyptic progress of butchery knife minced dead fetus
unrecognized decaying slaughtered colony
organs are unable to function cause of oxidized damage
face ripped of from head, headless lost identity
vagina tortured and hacked inside lost of virginity
dead gutted taste of blood gives extreme pleasure
eyes are just pulled out from the frozen eye sockets
ripped chest and stomach, violation of deceased
tormented purulent bleeding, splattered vagina
tales of gorement tissues, dead is back to life
they fucked your existence
cannibal necrophiliac by the gates of cemetary
they hammered and smashed your fuckin body
ripped in half with the cunt grinder chainsaw
tombstones, too late for last beggify
u are dead and fucked half alive

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