Foto do artista Cenotaph

Horrific Realm Of Gorecstasy


Internal atrocious brain damage. totally distorted illusions
Mass decomposition rotten chaotic life form. internal
Decay bleeding thoughs. self redemption of pain true
Insanity. lapitated mind's deterioration perpetual killing
Insticts beyond description. eternal graves of a mortal
Life flowing in my eyes. obscure delusive morbid
Dimensions desecrated vanished souls in eternal
Incongruity cryptic dark agony. my impulsive anger born
In hidden lunacy deformity of life form. vague inner
Conflicts perished by disconformities. beholden in
Deception dying in irresistible psycosis. passing through
The hallucinative gorecstasy indefinate heights of infinity
Losing feelings. diving into the bowels of earth never
Awakening from dreams. a sudden brain death. the day i die...

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