1000 Voices aren't louder tha mine
1000 Axes aren't sharper than mine
and the eye of the torment
can't be compared, to this hurricane

Unatural birth extreme
hurricane CENOTAPH!!
Unatural birth steel
hurricane CENOTAPH!!

Piles of corpses aren't as disgusting
at our hatred wrath
the night is not as black
than colonys in our black oceans
the north isn't as far away as I am

1000 fists aren't harder than our hate
and the weak lay onward the hurricane
breathing this violence hurricane

The chasm is a child
crying aside this CENOTAPH
but this hurricane
releases the hell

Let's all trust the speach of hurricane
tempest will warm our souls
in revange for fallen ones

Breath the wind and take my eyes
take the path I left behind
Unatural born gathered
at the cenotaph heart.

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