Foto do artista Cenotaph

Macabre Locus Celesta


With gray names written in my view
of black prosperity, in this melodic morass
all the essence of desolation cries for me
silently in this locus mopish

I'm kissed by the splendor of solitude, of silence
and the dark sky of night
is refelcting in the water of my sea
whispering wrath

The black and insane wave of agony
enjoy the fall of light
for the horizon where the sun dies
and I hear the mute screams of pain from silence

When in the journey the flesh
tries to follow the shadow
the whip hand of nowhere
punishes all the ways of light
and freezes the altar of life

Walking-to the open road that I proclaim
Searching-for the ritualistic names written in my view
from the breath of the open universe
I consuem all the macabre essence
of idealistic faith.

I am a star who wanna born in the forest of dark
and my name scapes of light to be gray
while I am resting in the arms of desolation
slowly I find my own tears but frozen

And my flesh change to be a stone
now the whip hand with cadence
punishes and freezes my altar of life

So I exist not in light
So I don't exist yes in dark

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