Foto do artista Cenotaph

Larvs of Subconscious


Searching (for) a body
To satisfy your aberrations
And spill the blood
For your master and your goal

Rip the face
Chop the ears

Open the skull
Eat the brains
Fuck the cadaver
Cut off the legs
Slices of flesh
Splattered pus

Spiritual frustrations
Larvs of subconscious

Foetal lacerations
Drink testicles' juice

Hang the bodies
With their own veins
Vomit and blood
Over your face

Septic infection
Pungent suppuration

Excavate the unholy graves
For the dismembered mangled humans

Keep the bodies in your graveyard
The putrid flesh is better for you
Exhume the masses of decomposition
If you want to eat more death

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