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Paralysed, Clitoridectamimized, Spreadeagled, Molested Cadaver


Color, Odor and Taste of purulent flesh from her necrophilliac point of view

Paralysed, clitoridectamimized, spreadeagled, molested cadaver´s torture is just because of her liquified genital organs.
In fact, my sickness is her fault.
Viral vagin or protozoal origin in which microbic production increases also which is resistant to indisinfectional body tissues.
These infections spreaded through the fecal and urinary discharges of contaminated human flesh.
Being a putrefied vagina fetish forces me to use my over ranged penis of 9.85 inch.
Infiltrated by my urine containing her sick endovaginal mucosa, her skin shrinked as well.
Subtly inhuman exhaustion froths, incoherent saliva captivates, sardonic dreams germinates.
At the end of the story, obtrusive penis snatches shrunken gate of vagina by the frantic wish to broaching.
Insane grudge pervades me, splutters her pus calmly.
Now incredibly what occurs is rigor mortis.

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