Oh you're extortionate, that's what you say.
But when you're talking love, you seem so plain,
And it's unfortunate, i'll never know your name,
So i'll call you vain,
Yeah i'll call you vain,
And you work in h&m, well woop-dee-do,
And you're so over-rated, well look at you,
You say you're going places, but here's the truth,
You don't have a clue,
You don't have a clue,

I see girls like this every night,
They might be fit but they're not so bright,
With their high heels on and their hair bleached bright,
Oh yeah

Daddy drives a black bm, well i hope you're proud,
Don't you remember when, i shot you down,
You look down on all your friends, greet them with a frown,
Turn it upside down,
You stuck up cow,
And when you're all alone, i wonder how you feel,
No one to hear you moan, when you've lost your shield,
And when you're not alone, tell me how you feel,
Tell me what's the deal?
Because you don't know real.

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