I can't work out what your game is,
But i know you've got it in for me,
I know most blokes wouldn't say this,
but can't you just leave it be,
And it's not because I'm not that interested,
but i'm taken love,
And i know that if i do forget,
When i wake up in the morning,
I'll be left with nothing but regret,

And there's nowhere to hide,
From those brown sparkling eyes,

And I'm stuck in reverse,
And this drink just makes it worse,

temptations killing me
won't you just leave me be,
move onto someone else,
Because i don't trust myself,

Whilst your eyes are staring daggers,
Edging closer with your every step,
Now my mind is left in tatters,
And the drink has gone straight to my head,
And i can't think of the word to describe this,
Situation now,
That's the state to which I've been reduced,
I can still tell wrong from right though,
but the drink's always a good excuse…

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